New Positions In Team Phoenix Media Now Available

Phoenix Media acts as a strategic partner to optimize the social media presence of established brands. We help you turn your social media following into paying customers. We are in a position to choose who we work with instead of having to hunt down clients. Now the clients hunt us! 

That’s why we are looking for the most talented people. Only the best of the best.


Your value of working with us

Culture of Top Performers

All our employees take full responsibility for the success of our company and our clients on DAY ONE and has a specific reason why he has been chosen to work in our team. If we decide to hire you, it's because we see long-term potential in you.

Exclusive Know-How & Strategies

Our employees are getting equipped with tons of insights, strategies and knowledge not everybody can get their hands on. You’ll learn from people who build million dollar businesses.

Competitive Payment

We pay our staff monthly without any exception, we pay based on time and based upon the value they bring in. And when you decide to work from one of our offices in Dubai your salary will be tax free.

Promotion Prospects

We don't intend to create any dead end jobs. There are already enough in the world. If you are willing to work hard and if you prove yourself then you'll quickly get to the next level and take on more responsibility.


What is the close to perfect person we’re looking for?

Greatness is not for everybody. Because for greatness counts a whole new set of rules.
And that is why not everybody can work here.

Because we also don’t work with every potential client who knocks on our door.

We are looking for great minds full of talent and creativity. Who thrive on difficult problems and put attention to detail.

People for who their work is not just “work” but ART.
People who own their work and who are not satisfied with just “good enough”.

We are committed to being great, and we want someone who is ambitious as we are and who solves problems by thinking outside the box..


Open Positions


We are looking for new staff members (m/f/d) for our coaching team in Dubai. You will offer support in our member’s area and help our VIP clients with issues regarding strategy, execution and mindset around the clock.

The goal of this paid trainee program is to select and hire you as a full-time business coach for our programs. You will be our first line of support and will assist our clients as they build and scale their business.



We are looking for new staff members (m/f/d) for our sales department. You will get a huge amount of qualified leads that you close on different products and services that we offer.

The goal of your position is to take care of all sales that happen and will happen in our Ecosystem.



We’re looking for a Youtube Channel Manager & Videoeditor (m/f/d) that is proficient in managing and growing youtube accounts and editing videos for Niklas Pedde’s Youtube Channel.



Please send us any existing video editing and photo editing work at career@phoenix-media.ae so we can check out your latest skills and developments.


We are looking for new staff members (m/f/d) for our social media team in Dubai. You will manage our clients Instagram accounts, take care of incoming direct-messages and do postings.



We are looking for new staff members (m/f/d) for our social media team in Dubai. You will content for our clients, business partners and for Niklas social Instagram accounts. You will work very close with Niklas.



General Requirements

How To Apply

Above this text, you have seen the exact positions that are open right now.

If you fulfill the general requirements and see yourself fit for one of these jobs, you will be able to take the application form on the next page and start the application process.

We will then receive and review your application, giving you feedback regarding the following procedure approximately within the next 3-4 business days.